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Ten and Uncle Ben Trekking Trek 1

2 days, 1 night

Day 1: Mae Hong Son - Hou Su Htouch Red Karen stay overnight

Day 2: Visit Padoung Karen ( long neck) village. Return by boat, Pai River to Mae Hong Son

Ten and Uncle Ben Trekking Map


The route

Leaving Mae Hong Son we walk for several hours to Hou Su Htouch, up inot the mountains until baout 2pm. It is quite strenous. We will pass though some paddy fields and then walk in the valley to the Long neck village, staying nearby for the night. The return journey to Mae Hong Son can be done by boat, along the Pai River. This take about 2 hours and to hire a boat is 900 baht (additional cost). The remianing few kms will be by car. Alternatively we can walk back.


Hill Tribe village accommodation in the village will be basic and you may be sleeping on bamboo or floor mats. Please bring a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and mosquito net, as these are not provided.



If the group is larger ( 4+ people) we will have a porter/s with us to help carry food and supplies. You will be expected to carry your own bag or rucksack. However if you would prefer not to do this then we can arrange a porter for you, at additional cost.


Ten and Uncle Ben Trekking Yellow Mushroom


We will provide two hot meals a day for lunch and dinner, plus a cold continental style breakfast. Water (boiled), tea and coffee are included. You have the choice of Burmese food (typically spicy), Thai food or Western food, please let us know in advance if you have any specific requirements (ie vegetarian, vegan). You may want to bring other snacks, fruit or drinks with you, but please consider the weight as you have to carry it! In the forest and jungle there are fruits and wild food that we can pick, mushrooms, nuts etc.


Hill tribes

Please read our section on the hill tribes before you go to ensure that you are respectful to their ways and customs. When staying in the hill tribe villages overnight, 2 blankets are provided, extra blankets are available at additional cost.


Call Ben: 081 1639 623 (English). Call Ten: 084 610 9057 (Thai) Email:hello@tenandbentrekking.com