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1 day / 1 night (optional)

Huay Makay Soam (Tomato Village)

Visiting Pang Ouu and the Kings Palace


If you are short of time or don't fancy trekking but would like to see the area, then we can offer a one day tour of Tomato Village and the surrounding villages.













Ten and Uncle Ben Trekking Tomato VillageArriving in Huay Makay Soam

Huay Makay Soam, also known as Tomato Village, is 30km from Mae Hong Son and 2000 metres up in the mountains, just a few kms from the border with Burma. Ten and Ben live in Tomato Village and several treks start here.


Option 1

Leaving Mae Hong Son at 9am, you will travel by taxi to Tomato Village. The road is up through the mountains and takes about 2 hours. Once in the village the yellow taxi will drop you at Ben and Ten's house around 11am. You can have tea and coffee with Ben and Ten before setting off.



Option 2

Travel to Tomato Village the day before and stay at Ben and Ten's house overnight. Transport from Mae Hong Son leaves at 3pm and arrives in Tomato Village around 5pm. Ten and Ben will also provide dinner with tea and coffee for you. The following morning after breakfast you will start trekking. The overnight stay with dinner and breakfast included is 100 Baht per person.


The tour

We can visit Pang Ouu, a nearby village in a pretty setting, with a lake and pine forest. Stop in at Hilary's guesthouse to try some wonderful homegrown coffee, roasted on site.

Ten and Uncle Ben Trekking Ten and Uncle Ben TrekkingLake


From there we can walk to Kings Palace, through the pine forest, along a track for 30 mns, bringing you out at the mountain school, where many children board. The King of Thailand visits this area for a holiday and has a residence in the grounds. As a result there is are wonderul rose gardens and an orchid house to see as well as several animal enclosures, with deer and other animals to see.. Kings Palace School

The walk back is up hill and brings you out near Ben's farm, where he grows rice and corn as well as herbs, chillies and bananas of course!


In the evening 60 of the village children come to learn English in the two classrooms built on Ben's land, at his house. From 6-8pm the children learn to speak and write English, with the view that it will improve their chances of getting good jobs in the future. Read more


Ben and Ten can customise this tour for you and show you as much or as little as you want to see. A few kms north is Mae Aw, a chinese village situated on a big lake. If you would like to visit this village too we can arrange this for you and take you.


Call Ben: 081 1639 623 (English). Call Ten: 084 610 9057 (Thai) Email:hello@tenandbentrekking.com